Symon Marjinson
Term as the basic unit of the lexical content
Scientific, technical, military and mail text
Gillian Gallagher; pages: 14
Problems of the identification mark and with topical prob-lems of modern linguistics

Aslanova Ulduz, Boyukkishi; pages: 26
Semantic classification of negative phrazeologisms in Ger-man and Azerbaijani languages and their negative affirma-tive transformation

Stefan Schnell; pages: 41
Features verbal characteristics of heroes of fiction in connec-tion with the problem

Geoffrey Haig; pages: 52
Some features of metaphorization in economic terminology

Nathan Sanders; pages: 59
Generation of speech in light systematic-activity study of speech communication

Leontief Aphanasy; pages: 65
Compression Modern Electronic Discourse

Suwon Sang; pages: 71
Etymology and indo-European basics

Walder Teo; pages: 76
Influence referential aspect in portrait characteristics of the hero based on the author English-language literature and folklore

Yagana Orujova Muzayev; pages: 83
Conceptual metaphors in the French discourse

Roger Levy; pages: 96
About the phenomenon of national and cognitive in industry terminology

Varila Mari-Lisa
Implementation of speech impact the propaganda and politi-cal advertisements
Emil Ohmann
Theory of study of terms
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