Larisa V. Vereina
International legal dimension of the sustainable development concept and the Arctic region: old challenges and new approaches; pages:  5  
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İrina N. Klyukovskaya
Democracy: the path from reasoning and patriarchal tradition to legal doctrine and state practice; pages: 13  
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Vladimir S. Komarov
Administrative responsibility of officials for violation of legislation in the implementation of authority to dispose of state and municipal property; pages: 23  
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Maria Gracheva
General characteristics of the legislation of the Russian Federation on state control and supervision of business activities; pages: 30  
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Huseynov  Emilia Rafik gizi. 
Theoretical and practical issues of the formation of active citizenship among high school students; pages: 39  
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Elena Bakhteeva 
The differentiation of theft from related offenses; pages: 55 
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Melnikov Victor Yuryevich
Actual aspects of law. Comparative legal analysis of the rise and fall of the tribal principalities of the baltic slavs in the viiixii centurie; pages: 67  Abstract HTML | PDF Download

Valentin Ya. Liubashits
Forms of traditional states and their historical specificity; pages: 75
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Evgenii A. Palamarchuk
A racial experiment in Nazi Germany in terms of the legitimization of the Legal Policy of The Third Reich: The Law and Cultural Dimension on the example of the Activities of “Lebensborn”; pages: 90 
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Farhadi P.O
Production model of agriculture;pages:  100
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 Sergiy Kvitka
Innovative mechanisms of the cross-sectoral interaction between business and public authorities in conditions of information society’s transformation;pages:117
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Yurii Dmitrievich Belkin.
Prospects of using amaranth in the food industry; pages: 131
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 Hanifa Teimourian
 Artificial intelligence in the detection of Radio Galaxies; pages: 137
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Kirill B. Safonov
The humanization of organizational relationship in the context of the social responsibility of modern management; pages: 151
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 Zaffar Ahmed Shaikh
 Supportive Leadership and Emotional Intelligence for Employee Productivity in Educational Organizations: A Suggested Shift in Management Approach Towards Motivation, Incentives, and Empowerment; pages158
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Sevda Novruzalieva
About some disputed issues of the theory of dramaturgia
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