Carlos Javier Lizcano Chapeta; Teresa de Jesús Molina Gutiérrez; Diego Xavier Chamorro Valencia; Luis Enrique González Zúñiga
Legal and theoretical framework on the use of customs and traditions of ancestral groups in the preservation of water resources; pages:6
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.1 | PDF Download

 Alex Javier Peñafiel Palacios;Patty Elizabeth Del Pozo Franco.;Iyo Alexis Cruz Piza
Right of youth and  children, ways to shorten their non-observance; pages:19
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.2 | PDF Download

Blanca Esmeralda Brito Herrera; Verónica Yesenia Valencia Vargas. Rosa Leonor Maldonado Manzano
Reflections on family conflicts and mediation as a field of application; pages:26
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.3 PDF Download

Aurelio Agustín Quito Cortés;Manuel Ricardo Velázquez
Piatúa case and the free, previous and informed consultation. A vision from the constitutionality;  pages:33
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.4 PDF Download

Danilo Rafael Andrade Santamaría.;Juan Giovani Sailema Armijo.byLuis Rodrigo Miranda Chávez;Roberto Carlos Jiménez Martínez
Unconstitutionality of the interpretative opinion issued by judges of the constitutional court, referring to Ecuadorian marriage; pages:47
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.5 PDF Download

 Lola Ximena Cangas Oña;Mesías Elías Machado Maliza;Eduardo Luciano Hernández Ramos;Diego Fabricio Tixi Torres
Failure to comply with the visitation regime and its violation of the right to family life;   pages:56
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.6PDF Download

Juan Carlos Arandia Zambrano.;Génesis Karolina Robles Zambrano.Sebastián García Bautista
Legal responsibility of physicians in the surgical room;  pages:69
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.7PDF Download

Aleksey V. Yurkovsky.;Igor A. Kuzmin.;Valentina M. Derevskova.; Tatyana V. Amosova.;Elena A. Yurkovskaya.; Elena S. Kuzmina
The Main stages and methodological approaches to the study of the mechanism of state power in the Russian sociological, political and legal science; pages :79
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.8PDF Download

Inna Gryshova.;Svitlana Stoyanova-Koval.; Natalia Dobrianska.;Maryna Gogol.; Alina Sakun
Policy of integration and cooperation with the EU on leading positions and competitiveness of the Ukrainian economy;  pages:93
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.9PDF Download

Abdullah Mert
Examination of the Effect of an Emotional Intelligence Improving Directional Psycho-education Program in Secondary School Students’ Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills ;  pages:108
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.10PDF Download

Carmen Marina Méndez Cabrita.;Ángel Antonio Marín Pérez;Milena Elizabeth Álvarez Tapia
Discursive ethics in Apel, Habermas and Cortina. Transitions for the rationality of the "applied ethics"; pages:126
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.11 PDF Download

Nuriye Çelmeçe; Mustafa Menekay
The Relationship Between Nurse's Work-Family Conflict and Quality of Work Life: Turkey Example;  pages:139
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.12PDF Download

 Tamilla Wahabova
Opinions of Azerbaijani educators on the role of women in society and women's education;  pages:149
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.13 PDF Download

César Eduardo Ochoa Díaz.; Jéssica Rosario Castillo Vizuete.;
Vanessa Alexandra Bravo Montoya.;Klever Aníbal Guamán Chacha
Gender ideology and its implementation model in the world; pages:164
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.14PDF Download

Bakhtiyar Nabiyev
Azerbaijan as an important geopolitical center of the South Caucasus in the politics of the leading states of the world and region;  pages:175
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.15PDF Download

Sergey A. Komarov
Luxury: past and present in Russian society;  pages:189
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.1.16PDF Download

Bandaliyeva Aida Allahverdi
Medical medication of medical scientists in medieval Azerbaijan research of bioethics problems in his works;  pages:202
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.17PDF Download
The effects of alternative tourism activities on sustainable tourism potential and employment (example of Alanya district); pages:213-237
Uzeyir YILDIZ; Nermin GURHAN 213-237
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.18 | PDF Download

Mustafa Tandoğan;Nermin Gürhan
The effect of service quality and strategic human resources management on the performance of hotel enterprises (Antalya example); pages:238-254
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.19 | PDF Download
Mustafa Kaya; Nermin Gürhan
An investigation on the perspective of the executivepersonnel of the party in power for a long time in turkey on the crisis perception/management and conflict management resulting from delegation of authority; pages: 255-268
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.20 |  PDF Download  
Applied analysis of international trade theories for automotive and agricultural sectors in terms of companies declaring concordat
Ahmet Ertugan; Özkan Demir; Salih Kalayci; pages: 269-282
DOI: 10.1043/mester/49.2020.21 |  PDF Download