Bakhtiyar Nabiyev
Baku State University, History Department


The article examines the importance of the foreign policy course for Azerbaijan. The point is that Azerbaijan only demonstrates its experience of implementing a balanced political course in such a complex region as the South Caucasus in a systematic or new geopolitical reality. This should be regarded as a step forward in the region's diplomacy. This aspect of foreign policy is very important from the point of view of international credibility as a result of the confidence in the country and its results. Nowadays, the coordination of activities within the framework of global organizations with the activities of regional organizations plays a crucial role in ensuring sovereignty. Azerbaijan has become an exemplary state that has implemented a systematic and multi-vector foreign policy course in the region, as well as world. Azerbaijan cooperates with all states on an equal footing. Noteworthy is that, strong states have to take account of Azerbaijan's fair position. This is an important point in foreign policy. The point is that Azerbaijan is the only country in the South Caucasus that has successfully pursued a balanced foreign policy. Baku skillfully balances the interests of the great powers in the region. Azerbaijan is thus gaining a geopolitical dividend that meets national interests. This issue should be considered as an integral part of the strategy of “flexible alliances.” Over the past two years, the leadership of the country has achieved significant results in this aspect, the relations with the United States and Europe have risen to a new level, and the relations in energy and security have deepened. The agreements reached during the visit to Britain and France once again reaffirmed the special role of Azerbaijan in the fight against international terrorism and its energy security. The European Union has shown its interest in raising the bilateral relations to a new level, in which relations with the European Neighborhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership Continues its active participation in the format of this event.