The Relationship of Tourism and Peace in International Social Relations
Kazım Ozan ÖZER; Özgür ERGÜN, pp. 4- 17
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Influence of the features of grape dietary fiber production on the technological process of wine.
Panahov Tariyel; Soltanov Hikmet; Huseynov Movlud, pp.18-35
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Enhancing Literacy Education and Skills Development through the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Nigeria
Sunday A. Itasanmi, pp.36-47
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Asean integration and economic development
Glenn L. Velmonte, J.D., , pp.48-89
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Mythological belief, ethnic-national identity and chaos-space conflict
Aybeniz Hashimova, pp.90-103
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Primary school teachers’ variables as determinant of learners’ mathematics achievement in Oyo state, Nigeria
FAJOBI, Olutoyin Olufunke (PhD), OSIESI, Mensah Prince, pp.104-116

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Implementatıon of “East-West” and “North-South” transport corrıdors
Huseynova Aynur Kardash khızı, pp.117-144
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Assessment Impacts of COVID-19 on Ethiopian Agricultural production and Mitigation and Adaptation strategy
Suleyman  Abdureman  Omer, Nuradin  Abdi  Hassen, pp.145-161
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The problems of personality-centered approach in teaching and training physics
Orujov Vidadi Omar, pp.162-168
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Pedagogical foundations of the formation of a sensitive and careful attitude to nature in preschoolers
Sevinj Valieva
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Characteristics of the Motivation-Sphere of Women with Gynecological Problems
Shafiyeva E.I., Allahyarova S.A., Quliyeva S.Y., Kadirova R.Q., Samandarova A.F., Aliyeva S.N.
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Academic investigative training of Higher Education teachers as a way to achieve quality educational standards.
Wilber Ortiz Aguilar, Tatiana Verónica Gutiérrez Quiñónez
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Evaluation of the educational strategy implemented for the training of the Gerontogeriatric Nursing Care Process competence in undergraduate students of the Nursing Faculty No. 2, Autonomous University of Guerrero, cohort 2014-2019.
Maximina Gil Nava, Alicia Morales Iturio, Blanca Estela Sánchez Jaimez
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Environmental education program in the pro-environmental attitudes of basic education students.
Melba Rita Vásquez Tomás, Judith Soledad Yangali-Vicente
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