Asean integration and economic development
Glenn L. Velmonte, J.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Chairperson, Department of Public Governance
Chairperson, Cebu Normal University, Cebu City, Philippines
     Philippines now faces a big challenge with regards to the labor force. The ASEAN Economic Community was made to integrate the economies of the member-countries. The Philippines before was behind academically because of the curriculum used. To address the problem, the Philippines uses the K-12 Program which is an international standard and what the other members of ASEAN use. So, it is important to know what jobs are in-demand so that the students will take the course for the specific job. 
     This study is aimed to know the in-demand jobs of the Southeast Asian nations and to help the Filipinos what’s the best career path they should take for a bigger chance of getting employed in 2017. This study is only limited not beyond the year 2017. This study will help job-seekers to what jobs they have the best chance being employed. 
     A quantitative approach was used in this study. Data were acquired from the 10 members of the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations. Those data are the employment, enrolment, and survival rate of the professionals in each country, in which the countries differ. The countries also differ in their supply, skills, wages, and productivity. From all the acquired information, the researchers found out that the Philippines is second in the highest number of unemployed youth and ranks fourth in the employment rate.
     The 10 countries also have different in-demand jobs. But all in all, the most in-demand job in Southeast Asia is engineering. This is followed by accounting, teaching, nursing, and IT.  
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Keywords:, ASEAN, Economic, Integration, jobs, demand