Dr. Panahov Tariyel;
Dr. Soltanov Hikmet
Huseynov Movlud


In order to improve the technology of natural table wines, the use of secondary raw materials in the wine industry, in particular grape marc was investigated. The skin of the grape berry was taken as a secondary raw material in the research, either in fresh or dried and powdered form or in the form of dietary fiber. In this regard, a research was conducted on the marc that was obtained using modern technological equipment and grape processing technology. Grape dietary fibers, obtained as a result of two drying methods based on our technology - infrared radiation and drying cabinet, were used during the experiment. The obtained results proved that the chemical composition of wine materials is more influenced by the type of drying of grape dietary fiber, rather than the degree of grinding. Based on scientific research, it can be noted that infrared drying provides the best quality grape dietary fiber, and these grape dietary fibers have a positive impact on the wine process.
Key words: wine, grape, grape dietary fiber, physico-chemical and sensory evaluation.