Lladós Meseguer Artola
Mexico University, Mexico

The international fragmentation of production is a characteristic element of the profound transformation experienced by the world economy in recent decades. This process of increasing productive disintegration is closely related to a digital technological change that opens a new stage of economic globalization. In this context, understanding the differences in distributive and specialization patterns between emerging and more advanced economies that participate in global value chains becomes the subject of relevant study. Based on the information provided by the WIOD project, the evolution of the added value generated, the behavior of productivity, the formation of capital and its impact on the level and structure of employment have been analyzed. The results obtained show us how the acceleration of technological progress has led to a sensitive modification of production technologies, leadership changes in the capacity to generate and retain added value, a growing role of capital income and an asymmetry in employment opportunities and salary structure based on job qualification.
Keywords: fragmentation, production, profound transformation.