Irada Avsharova
Baku State University

The study of archaeological sites of worship remains relevant as never before. People’s faith and belief in the nature of things, especially plants and animals, have been carefully tuned. Some of them are successful, considered useful, but some cause damage and become a symbol of evil. Archaeological artifacts coincide with the religious and ideological views of the first farmers inhabiting nomadic tribes. It is mainly animals, figures of people and contains images. The period of the Neolithic and Bronze Age among the ancient tribes living in the minds of mythological animals, trust, respect and love occupies a special place. For this reason, they represent images of animals on different objects, prepare figures. Since ancient times, people have chosen characters to distinguish between themselves and their people. The mythological ancient tribes that lived in research minds attribute many animals, mainly due to the power of power. In addition to being a symbol of the primitive mythology of power, depressive images have taken place.
This tradition has also become a totem of human life. For the same reason, mythological thinking, the amazing diversity of plants and animals and their marriage were similar to totemic creatures and were used for worship. “Totem,” a term appeared in North America. The language of Hinduism is "Ototem" - meaning "home." The oldest ancestors of totems were composed: lions, wolves, horses, oxen, goats, deer, birds, etc. Agriculture and livestock breeding of totemic tribes during the transition period and, as a result, underwent a certain degree of evolution, the animist with a united cult retained its name, but later discovered it in the face of an animal belonging to the holiness of God. Descriptions of mythical creatures, such as the development of various tribes at various exhibitions, along with religious ideas, are one of the characteristic features in the field of fine art. Usually this is another aspect of the world of living beings, it is described by well-known images. We believe in faith, and the belief of ancient animals in the basic considerations of the system can be considered.

Keywords: moral culture, bull, cult, Bronze Age, cave paintings, material culture, mythology, totem of ancestors.