Javier Valenciano Valcárcel
Faculty of Education Sciences. University of Huelva, Spain

The increase in productivity and Spanish periodic publications of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (CCAFD) of the last years, do not correspond to the improvement of the journals judging, among other things, due to their scarce international visibility. Therefore, we approached a comparative study of the quality of Spanish CCAFD journals between 2000 and 2005 with the purpose of contributing to improve their quality and consolidate the field.
Method. From the direct observation of the magazines of the inventories of the year 2000 and 2005, a series of formal indicators of scientific content and diffusion are analyzed. The formal quality is obtained from the adequacy of the journals to the standards ISO 8-1977 and ISO 215-1986, and the General Degree of Normalization (GGN) and Fundamental Degree of Normalization (GFN). Content quality derives from the editorial board, the origin of its members and the original selection system. The diffusion of the publications is observed from the indexing in databases and different types of presence on the Internet.
Conclusions The quality of the Spanish CCAFD magazines has improved slightly, although they have lower standards than other fields in Spain. It has gone from a medium level to a high level in the GGN and there is still a wide margin for improvement in the adaptation to ISO standards. There is a low utilization of rigorous selection systems